Ultimate Internet Access, Inc. - UIA.net

Local with Remote Backup

    Fast Bare Metal Restore

    Restore your entire server to new hardware in under an hour (500Mb of data). We can do this because we back up locally to an external USB disk and our remote server at the same time. If you have a total hardware failure restoring the entire server to new hardware is incredibly easy and straightforward. Our bare metal restore feature takes all the panic out of getting your server up and going in record time.

    Proactive Monitoring

    The number one failure of backup systems is a lack of attention. The backups often occur in the middle of the night and no one has the time or the inclination to review the backup process everyday. That's where UIA is different. UIA monitors both the local and remote backup for failure. If for some reason your sever did not successfully backup the previous night you can expect a call from UIA ready to troubleshoot the issue and get it back on track.


    Our solution supports fully supports Exchange where many others simply do not. Where other solutions only support restoring the entire Exchange data set, UIA's solution can restore an individual mail box without shutting down your entire Exchange server while doing it. Microsoft calls this "brick level" and UIA supports it.

    Encrypted and secure

    Every backup is encrypted. No one but you can read the data, not even UIA. Our backup solution is HIPAA, HITECH, PCI compliant.