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Why you need both local and remote

UIA offers a unique combination of local and remote backup. The local copy is there to ensure that if your server were to fail you can restore it to new hardware quickly. If you were to just depend on remote backup only it might take quite a while to download all of your data or we would have to ship you a drive. Either way, your server cannot be down for that long.

The remote (offsite) copy is always there ready to go should you have a total disaster at your facility. With built in version control and ALL of your files at the ready it is easy to go online and pluck your accounting from a month ago or two months ago and put it on the server.

Offsite rotation vs Always-On-Remote

It is important and obvious to keep offsite copies of your company data. Someone could break into your office and steal your server along with all of your accounting and your receivables right along with it. Your office could have a flood, fire or earthquake, in other words some sort of total disaster.

But when taking your data offsite you take a risk that the backup will fall into the wrong hands through loss or theft. And the always worrisome voice in the back of your head "Did I get the offsite copy offsite?" ...

And there is the issue of security with an employee that takes the backup home with them. The question should always be asked: Who has control over my data? At UIA we have the data but it is completely encrypted, none of our employees can read the data even if they wanted to.

Remote vs Tape

Tape backup systems have existed for 30 years. Tape backup hardware needs to be constantly upgraded to keep up with with the growing disk storage demands. Remote or online backup doesn't have this restriction. Your data can grow and your data will be backed up for years without the expense of upgrading your hardware.

Tape has one other flaw that if not carefully managed can result in a total loss of data. Tapes can sometimes be unreliable if the tape heads are not cleaned periodically. Test restores are mandatory with Tape and you have not been doing it there is a high percentage chance that you will have some bad tapes in your rotation.

USB Drive vs Online

USB Drive backups on their own offer a false sense of security.

USB Drives are inexpensive and can hold a lot of data nowadays. But to do a proper rotation schedule you need to purchase 21 drives. Obviously that is not practical and many rotate less drives then that. But you would be leaving out the ability to go back in time and retrieve a file from the past efficiently. if for instance you have a quickbooks file that you need to retrieve from 30 or 60 days in the past, say due to file corruption on the server, you might not be able to do that with a pure USB disk backup solution.

Another disadvantage with USB Disk is that if one of your drives fails (and they all do eventually) in your rotation you have a serious hole in your backup dataset.