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Overview – Data Center

A big benefit of moving your servers into a datacenter is the reliable power. Although power is not usually thought of as being critical until it's to late, it is vital that a server or set of servers maintain power. When power is unexpectedly interrupted servers sometimes need to be rebuilt or recovered from backups. Reliable server performance starts with reliable power.

All power in our datacenter is fed and cleaned through our UPS system. In the event of power loss from Edison our UPS will remain in place for at least 10 minutes which is plenty of time for the backup Gen Set to come online. Our generator can remain up and in place for a week without needing to be refueled. 

Our datacenter is backed by our SAS 70 audit, which means we actually do what we say.

Physical Security

Physical security is maintained by our live high resolution camera system. All movement is recorded and can be reviewed at anytime by our security staff. All customers are escorted and signed in for every visit to the datacenter.   

Data Security

With our specialized and fully managed data center cluster ISM in front of your servers you can rest easy that your servers are safer then ever from both attacks and equipment failure. Our ISM cluster ensures that should one ISM experience hardware failure the second ISM will take over and traffic to your servers will continue as if nothing had happened. For further redundancy you can even maintain a second switch with the ISM cluster.