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Ethernet To Your Office

Have you hit the T1 barrier?

If your business needs to jump to the next level in speed then UIA's High Speed Ethernet might be the right fit. We offer from 10 Mbps (the equivalent of 6.5 T1's), 20 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Ethernet Internet is more economical than a traditional point-to-point DS3 and is easier to setup and maintain. Customer equipment is very simple and requires only a relatively inexpensive layer 2 switch at the customer premises instead of a high end router.

Covering many cities in the Inland Empire such as Ontario, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, Upland and Fontana, High Speed Ethernet is a great solution for businesses that need reliable high speed connectivity beyond T1 speeds.

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