Ultimate Internet Access, Inc. - UIA.net


Professionally Installed within 5 days

T1's, DSL and other connectivity can take 30 to 40 days. With FTW we can do it in 5 days or less! Our installs are professional non-penetrating roof mounts that can be quickly and neatly installed.

Best support in the industry

We have the best support in the industry, bar none. While it may be bold to say, we are not shy about our support. We don't have voice mail and when you call we have bright, well-trained people that can help right away. No outsourcing here.

5ms Ping Times

Ping time is a measure of network performance. The lower the number the better the performance. Your typical ping times with a DSL circuit are around 25ms to 40ms and with today's congestion much higher! With FTW you can expect incredibly low ping times in the 1ms to 5ms range.

3 - 20 Mbps

Why bother with slower speeds that don't measure up to today's network demands? Say goodbye to pausing jerking video streams. Stop worrying about people in your office streaming radio. And by the way, increasing to a faster speed can be done in minutes, no matter what speed you start with.

Combine Voice & Data

There is just no reason whatsoever to deal with the local phone company anymore. We can run your phones either with your existing phone system or manage a very sophisticated VOIP system for you. It can be quite the savings in money, time and effort.