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UIA Fiber to Wireless (FTW)

Direct wireless is the right choice for inexpensive very high speed requirements. Our speeds start at 3 meg and go to 50 for standard installs. Special configurations can go to beyond 200 Mb.

UIA is driving our wireless delivery from direct fiber connection to our backbone so there is excellent performance all the way through.

Ping times are in the 1.0 to 1.5 millisecond range over a 10 meg circuit. Truly fantastic performance.

Pricing is excellent and our customers could not be happier with this product.

It is a simple Ethernet hand-off right to the customer location. Our installation is done with non-penetrating roof mounts.

This product can be your primary or backup circuit. Serving the 91730, 91737 and 91739 zip codes.

Ethernet over Copper

Ethernet Over Copper is a newer technology that breathes new life and performance into typical copper connections. Lets be honest DSL just does not cut it any more for businesses that are modernizing their networks.

The upload limitations of DSL are really what is constricting and limiting your network.

Ethernet Over Copper solves the the issue by having the same speed going up or down. It is a very cost effective and have some side benefits for reliability also. EoC uses multiple copper pairs that are bonded together to achieve speeds from 2 Mb to 45 Mbs. If one pair is not working there are still more pairs that are likely to be up and so the circuit will slow down but not go off -line.

UIA can configure EoC for both QoS and MPLS. This is a very popular product that our customers are very happy with.

High Quality T1

If you are looking for high quality T1 service in the Rancho Cucamonga area then look no further. UIA supports bonded T1 service in configurations to 12 Mb.

And if you are thinking of using VOIP either directly or with your phone system then UIA can configure QoS on your circuit for prioritizing Voice over the circuit.

If you are looking for MPLS for multiple locations then UIA has that covered as well. We have nation wide coverage and chances are we can design an inexpensive, high quality product to fit how you do business.

UIA can even mix different kinds of connectivity and speeds for different locations. Your business might want Ethernet Over Copper 8Mb at your headquarters and T1’s at each remote location for example. UIA can do MPLS over the entire mixed network.

Rancho Cucamonga Location:

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8608 Utica Avenue, Suite 200
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