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What is Ethernet Over Copper (EoC)?


High Bandwidth Over Twisted Pair Telco Wiring

Ethernet over Copper, EoC, uses telco wiring. The way that works is that the wires running to your building from the local phone company are leased. Only the wires are leased and not any of the telco equipment. There's no dial tone or other services provided by the telco. Bare lines like this are called "dry pairs." Special termination equipment at each end of the dry pairs to transport the Ethernet signals. Usually a number of pairs are connected or "bonded" so that the system has enough capacity to deliver significant bandwidth. Up to eight pairs can be combined to form one high speed pipe to the customer.

Distance from the Central Office Makes all the Difference

Each dry pair to the customer location will have a speed limitation depending on the distance. The pairs are combined to reach the final desired speed. Our EoC quoting tool can tell us exactly how far you are from the telco central office (a city might have several central offices). We will know within just a few minutes what speeds are possible for your location.

Technology reduces the Price Again

One huge advangtage of EoC is the price point. Depending on the distance from the Central Office it is a fraction of the price of anything running over fiber. A 10 meg circuit is typically the same price as a 3 meg T1 based circuit. Since it is an Ethernet drop to your location there is no requirement for sophisticated routers (typically more expensive) that you would find on a DS3 type of circuit. It is just a typical RJ45 Ethernet jack just like you would find on a switch or firewall.