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Remote Backup Features

  • Files are backed up each night after hours
  • We monitor the success or failure of each backup
  • Catastrophic Server Failure can be restored in minutes from a local USB copy
  • Saves file or document versions 90 days or longer
  • Restore individual Exchange boxes without having to restore the entire Exchange File Structure
  • We send you a USB drive for the initial backup so that it saves your bandwidth
  • Smart software backs up changes only, saving bandwidth and time
  • In the case of complete loss of your facility we will send you a USB drive of ALL of your data
  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant encryption is used in transit and storage
  • Backups are encrypted, we can't even read them
  • Direct phone support for setup
  • No more manually taking backup tapes offsite
  • No worries of stolen or lost tapes or disk drives
  • No dependencies upon a single person performing backups
  • Satisfies disaster recovery requirements of customers and outside auditing firms