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    High speed Internet access is our passion

Our Story

Founded by Wes Zuber in 1996, Ultimate Internet Access is one of the top rated Internet Service Providers in the Inland Empire.

UIA started as a small Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Ontario, California in 1996. Back then the Internet was brand new and virtually everyone had to be educated as to what the Internet really was. There wasn’t any DSL and High Speed Access was exotic and expensive. UIA offered dial-up and email services in those days and then added web development. You could insert a floppy and get connected. This is back before SPAM even existed. Mail servers and DNS servers were new to a lot of people and in those days Spam had not really been seen yet. UIA expanded and grew through acquisitions and moved to Claremont, California in 1998.

UIA started adding services as the Internet changed and evolved. We added DSL, T1’s and other high speed connectivity as part of our main offering and started marketing to business customers. Our main focus became and still is business to business services.

UIA moved back to Ontario to be in a more business focused environment. Our Network Operations Centers (NOC) are located in Ontario and Riverside, just minutes from our office. We now offer many more Managed Services and Products then ever, including our 1 Gig Fiber To The Home, Business Fiber, FiberToWireless, Hosted Voice Over IP on top of our DSL, T1 and Co-location Data Center services.