Customer Support

Service as fast and dependable as your Internet access.

The Right Technology

Our experts have access to many tools to monitor and test our circuits for assessing quality of service issues.

Expanded Hours

We want to help you!  So we have expanded our hours to 8PM Monday through Friday.

We’re available Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM
Saturday-Sunday 8AM-5PM
(Excluding major holidays)

Technical Support Team

Your account history is available to the entire team. Each of us has the context to solve your problems.

Senior Technicians

If you have a highly technical challenge, feel free to request a Level 2 support technician.

Focus on Quality Resolutions

We don’t pressure our team members on call length. All of their key metrics are related to resolving your case on the first call and to your satisfaction

An Obsession with Your Satisfaction

We’ll survey your satisfaction after every ticket to make sure we have met your needs