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Actual speed test results on UIA Fiber Internet connection in Ontario, California. Your results may vary (faster or slower). Some UIA customers have reported speed test results as high as 1.3 Gbps!

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Service as fast and dependable as your Internet access

UIA takes great pride in our customer service and support. If there is a problem, you can be sure it will be handled quickly and efficiently.

I wanted to write to tell senior management at UIA that I am very pleased with your product and even more pleased with the customer service your team provides to me. Anytime I have called into or interacted directly with your office team I have had a great experience. Staff is polite, helpful and it is clearly obvious that they care about the work they do and the service they provide.

Steve K.

I’d like to commend you and your technical team for their responsiveness and determination to resolve issues. Phone communications is a business critical service so I was very grateful to have the level of response your team provided.

Ken K.

We have had UIA over a year. It’s absolutely amazing. I love that UIA is a local business.

Stacie B.

UIA has been terrific. The company communicates well, is proactive, and has great employees.

Jeff S.