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Internet Phone Bundle

SEND US YOUR CURRENT PHONE BILL We know these phone bills are confusing and cumbersome. In almost any case we can save you money and greatly increase your Internet Speeds. This is what innovation is all about, bringing you more for less.

ONE FLAT RATE All of our phone lines are unlimited and at a flat rate. What that means is that you can make calls anywhere in the USA for as long as you want without each call being metered. All those charges on a old fashioned phone bill really add up after a month. Isn't it about time that your business phone lines are charged by just one flat rate?

COMBINED WITH HIGH SPEED CONNECTIVITY Our world class SIP service works over any of our high speed connectivity products. Wireless, Ethernet Over Copper, T1 or Bonded T1. Get your phone and Internet delivered over one high speed pipe. Our connectivity is marked for Quality of Service (QoS) from end to end, ensuring great quality calls every time.

CONVERT TO HOSTED PBX EASILY If for some reason your existing phone system should die it is simple to convert your existing UIA provided lines to a Hosted PBX solution. All you need to do is get the handsets and you are off and running on a completely new phone system. On a hosted PBX solution the phone "brains" are handled by UIA. No need for you to purchase expensive central phone equipment. Hosted PBX can handle almost any configuration and feature that traditional high end phone systems posses.