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19 August 2003
This is for my fellow yanks. If you have a moment, please click on the new image/link on the front page that says Sign the Petition Stop Ashcroft. Our civil rights in America are being eroded at a frightening rate - first with the 'scare tactics' inspired so-called 'Patriot Act' rushed into law after 9/11, and now with this pending addition that will literally turn neighbor against neighbor just as similar laws in China have done. Here is what Dr. Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, and now 2004 presidential candidate, has to say about this new 'law':

"After September 11, the Ashcroft Justice Department took advantage of the climate of fear and adopted a series of anti-terror tactics that go far beyond protecting our country and erode the rights of average Americans. We should be rolling these back, but instead Attorney General Ashcroft is trying to build on them with his 'Victory Act' proposal.

"He must not be allowed to compromise our freedoms any further. I call on Attorney General Ashcroft to withdraw this dangerous piece of legislation.

"The September 11 terrorists sought to disrupt the American way of life, including our constitutional freedoms. They must not succeed. As President, I will lead the war on terror in a way that protects civil rights and civil liberties as well as our safety."

While you're at it, consider visiting Howard Dean's website and reading what he has to say, and whether it sounds like a direction you'd like to see this country go. We desperately need a change in this country, before it's too late.

26 July 2002
OUR GUESTBOOK HAS BEEN FOUND! A BIG 'Thank you!' to Catherine at Bravenet for her patience and hard work locating our original Guestbook! It couldn't have been easy, so she deserves a LOT of credit! Thank you, Catherine! So many of Philip's fans, family and friends have signed our Guestbook, the thought of it being lost forever was extremely upsetting. We are in your debt!

Just one more thing. I hadn't planned to 'editorialize' about the political 'ads' on the bottom of the front page, but it seems I need to offer some explanation. First, they are entirely my doing - if anyone objects to them, understand that Angela is blameless, and the responsibility for their presence rests with me alone.

So why are they there? I believe that this country is facing a crisis, and how we as Americans vote next year will determine whether we remain a 'free' country, or continue the current regime's erosion of our rights and a terrifying slide into what can only be called a form of facism. If ever there was a time to 'get involved', this is it, folks. Complacency is no longer an option. I'm aware that a lot of younger people - in their 20's - visit this site; your involvement will be crucial to stopping what's happening in this country. Get yourself registered to vote. And VOTE! Too much is at stake to sit on the sidelines this time. People around the world have looked to this country for inspiration in the past. What they think of us now is shameful - to US. What the current regime is doing to this country is worse than shameful, and if free, legitimate elections are still possible considering what occurred in Florida, it must be stopped. Here are a few words from a 'famous' man to think about:

"...The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

Sound familiar? Of course it does. Anyone who protested the war got labeled a 'communist', or 'anti-American', or 'unpatriotic'. And the current regime has done everything in its power to insure Americans are so frigging scared to death of some 'threat' from 'over there' they'll allow just about any restriction of their rights. Here's the kicker though, kids. These words weren't spoken by some right-wing American, but by Herman Goering, Hitler's right-hand man. Something is very, very wrong in this country - and THAT'S why those 'ads' are on the front page.

Finally, let me reiterate: the inclusion of these materials was solely my decision. So, if there any objections, don't hassle Angela about it. You want to send me hate mail, fine. As the appointed 'president' said, 'Bring 'em on'.

17 July 2003
New this week, information on Me & Mrs. Jones , and Night of A 1000 Voices 2003 Enjoy! Also, we must apologize for the recent difficulties with our Forum and Guestbooks. These originate from Bravenet, over which we have no control, and we have been unsucessful in getting any help from them. Bravenet began as a very user-friendly service, but has become so commercial it's now impossible to contact anyone directly about problems. It appears our old Guestbook has been lost altogether, which we deeply regret.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

7 March 2003
Information about the Chichester Theatre Festival performances of The Merchant of Venice and The Seagull and The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

24 December 2002
Another year has nearly passed - so very quickly, it seems! Where has the time gone?? Angela has been busy, as usual, working hard to put together some holiday 'treats' for visitors. The first is a brand new Word Search featuring songs Philip has sung. And if that wasn't enough, are you up for a brand new Holiday Crosswood puzzle? Have fun!

Very Happy Holidays to everyone, with our fervent wishes for a peaceful New Year!

25 August 2002
A lot to tell you about today! First, we've updated our Links page to reflect the new web address for Stephen Billington's site, and we've also added a link to the Official website for Philip's beautiful co-star, Lauren Kennedy! Find them here, on the Links page.

Angela has been busy at work creating new material, including a page on the little-known 'rock opera' Paris. Having heard this in its entirety, I can only lament what a shame it is this play hasn't been produced, or the soundtrack more widely released. Even though Philip's role is small, and he has but one solo, it's an GREAT one! 'What Price A Friend' is magnificent!

Then there's The Divas! Read about it here - and stay tuned for more first-hand reporting from the UK, and maybe a few special surprises!

27 May 2002
We are very pleased to add this interviewPhilip did with Judy Spiers of Radio Devon! Thank you, Philip, for the kind words about the Continuum - we do our best!:)

30 December 2001
The New Year is almost here, and what do you need at the beginning of each new year? Why, a new calendar, of course! Angela has designed one for us, featuring images from South Pacific, and the first two months can be accessed from The Scrapbook page, or right here! Enjoy!

23 December 2001
New for your Christmas fun, two new Word Search puzzles. You'll find them on the Scrapbook page - have fun! And Happy Holidays to everyone from all of us here at the Continuum!

5 December 2001
Well, the year is almost over - and what a year it has been. There's an old Chinese curse that says 'May you live in interesting times'. Sounds harmless at first, until you think about it; we are definitely living in 'interesting' times, and I for one am ready for a little boredom! Let's all hope, and for those so inclined, pray, that the conflicts besetting our little planet end soon.

To end this year, Angela has brought us an early Christmas gift - new information and photos on an old work of Phil's - Saint Joan - and, appropriately, his latest endeavor - South Pacific! Finally, Phil's the romantic lead! It's about time, I say! So, enjoy, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at the Continuum!

17 October 2001
Just added, exclusive first peek at Philip's ABC series Corridors of Power.

28 August 2001
For up to the minute, late-breaking news, our partner in the Uk, Angela, has launched an exciting new feature - NewsFlash! It will be accessible from the front page for instant access to the latest news.

5 August 2001
Lots of new stuff this time, so let's get right to it! First, you'll find a completely updated section on Sunday In The Park With George Loads of new material, so check it out!

We've also found a lot of new things on Into The Woods Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not us!!

And, last but not least, Angela has created a brand new Word Search! This time you'll be looking for the names of characters Philip has portrayed on Stage. Have fun - and until next time, hope everyone's having a great summer!

5 June 2001
Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like ages since we've had an update, but this is certainly a special one! First, we've added some exclusive Backstage photos of Phil and Meredith after their Secret Garden performance. There are more to come, so stay tuned!

Second, we are very pleased to pass along a special message from Phil to all of his fans. Thank you Phil, from all of us!

30 April 2001
We have added an article and picture that appeared in The Weekend Australian 14 April 2001.

Also this time, a new Secret Garden review on our London Secret Garden page

We would like to thank David Thomas editor of Curtain Up on Musicals and SMASH for allowing us to use the review. Curtains Up is a newletter; details on how to obtain it and SMASH appear at the bottom of the review.

28 February 2001
Up to the minute news and reviews on the London production of The Secret Garden. Many thanks to Angela for braving the cold and rain for these!

27 February 2001
A new article has been posted - All Rosy In the Garden - read it here

6 January 2001
Happy New Year, everyone! Wow..another year has passed - where does time go?! 2000 was a busy year, and we imagine 2001 won't be any less.

Just one thing this time, and that's letting everyone know where our Q&A with Phil has gone. Actually, it hasn't gone anywhere, but now that we've taken our holiday decorations down, folks might be wondering where it is. You'll find it safely archived in the Articles section.

23 December 2000
Just in time for Christmas, we have a very special surprise for everyone. Look on the front page for the 'gift tag' (can you tell I love Corgis?(g) and follow the link. I won't spoil it by telling you what you're going to find, but pay special attention to the last 'Answer'!!!!!! And, from all of us, a resounding 'Thank you!' to Phil for taking the time to do this!

3 December 2000
Where has the year gone??! It seems only yesterday we were all wondering about the New Year, and what the year 2000 would bring. Now here we are approaching 2001..! Alas, Arthur Clarke was wrong. Commercial shuttle flights to the moon aren't yet a reality - heck, we can't even elect a President!(g) - but the year 2000 has been very good to the Continuum. It's been a wild ride at times, full of surprises, and we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have!

Okay, on with the updates! First, Angela has added more reviews of the current 'Secret Garden', which she recently saw, along with an endearing stagedoor photo of Phil he was kind enough to take time out to do for the Continuum. Thank you Phil, for that and everything!

We've also added a couple new photos to the 'Fields of Fire' page. Black and white, but interesting!

That's all for now, except to remind folks of the special treat we'll be sharing on Christmas Eve. Stay tuned!

22 October 2000
Our treat this time is a new article from Brides of Christ - including a lucious new photo! Yes, we do like Phil on that bike, don't we?(g) You can access the article from the main Brides of Christ page, or go straight to it from here. Enjoy!

15 October 2000
As promised, another new article and photos - this time from a very early endeavor of Philip's: Candide You gotta love that hair..(g)

9 October 2000
Our Australian correspondent has provided us with a wonderful review and programme cover art from an early play of Philip's, Into the Woods. Thanks, Liz! Great work as always! And there's much more to come in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

25 September 2000
Added a very nice review - and a wonderful new photo! - of The Secret Garden

17 August 2000
Our Australian correspondent has provided us with an exclusive first review of The White Devil. We thank her for all the hard work, and her, uhm, 'sacrifice'!!!(g) That's the kind of job I want!

26 July 2000
Just added, a page for the brand spanking new RSC production of The Secret Garden.

16 July 2000
While not a major milestone in Philip's career, Army Wives is nevertheless a noteworthy early effort. Liz, our Australian correspondent, has provided reviews and photos from the telemovie for your enjoyment. Follow the link above to see how snazzy Phil looked in uniform!

I'd like to take a moment here to thank Angela and Elizabeth for all the hard work they do for the Continuum. They have truly gone above and beyond to provide the many updates and exclusives we've seen, especially during what has been a very busy time for me. Phil isn't the only 'singer' to occupy my time - I am also an apprentice bird rehabber, and the spring/early summer season is when our aid is most needed. My specialty is crows, and rehabbers everywhere it seems have been inundated this season with orphaned babies and goofy juveniles that need rearing and readying for re-release into the wild. We're all very thankful nesting season is pretty much over for another year!(g) Without the help of Liz and Angela, this would have been a pretty dry spell for 'Updates' with my time so occupied with the birds, so I owe them a debt of gratitude for all they've done! Thank you, guys, from me and the crows!(g)

One final thing.. Please consider offering your help as a volunteer to a local rehab center. If you enjoy birds, and wildlife, this can be a very rewarding experience, and you will be doing good for our feathered friends. Your local Humane Society, vet, or Animal Control office can probably refer you to a rehab center. You won't be sorry!:)

15 May 2000
Exciting update! Elizabeth, our Australian correspondent - who was present at the opening night of PAN! - has prepared a wonderful review of the play, as well as provided us with several new photos! See it all here!

30 April 2000
As Megan mentioned on the forum recently, the Sydney Daily Telegraph had a pull out article on PAN and the actors in it. We have now added an excerpt from this article concerning Philip to the PAN page.

We would like to thank both Megan and Matt for providing us with details on this article!

Another treat can be found on the 'Articles' page. Although the photo isn't new to us, Liz has provided us with a lovely closer-up scan of the image from the Who Weekly article. Great work!

Enjoy all!

18 April 2000
A new, comprehensive Biography on Philip has been added. We think it will offer a useful overview of his career, and quick links to many of his most popular roles.

Thanks to Elizabeth and Megan, we're able to provide you with a very interesting interview and photo that appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph weekend magazine. You can see it here.

5 March 2000
The Les Mis Photo Gallery is back, and better than ever!

3 March 2000
Something different for you this time! Got a minute, want a real brain teaser? Try our Ultraviolet Word Search Puzzle! Have fun!

27 February 2000
Philip performed one song at the Sydney State Theatre to celebrate the opening of Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Details on The Stars Come Out concert.

12 January 2000
Just added, first photos from The Fall, a 1998 film made in Hungary starring Jurgen Prochnow (Das Boot) and featuring - Philip Quast!

1 January 2000!
Wow! Another year already! The best news of course is that the dreaded 'Y2K Bug' turned out to be a figment of the media's imagination - a manufactured scare that, when we finally got here, turned out to be nothing at all. Planes didn't fall from the sky. The power didn't stop. Computers didn't crash (anymore than normal, that is!(g) It wasn't the the end of the world. At least all the folks who ran out and bought 'survival supplies' anticipating Armeggedon will now be prepared for *real* disasters like earthquakes and twisters!

First here, we've updated the photos in the 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miz galleries. I think you'll find the quality superb, thanks to the advances in technology that gave us a DVD copy for screen captures!

Next, there's an all-new synopsis and review of Cassidy, finally! This is thanks to Angela and Elizabeth, who are much better at this sort of thing than I am!(g) Thank you both for all the hard work!

There are a lot of exciting things coming our way in 2000, not the least of which is PAN, so stay tuned - and from all of us at the Continuum, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!